How to obtain in home COVID treatment and possible prescription medications

Rufous McKinney

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below is a link to a web site purported to provide a means to obtain COVID related testing and possible expedited treatment from you home.

They potentially ship Paxlovid.

This is for informational purposes only.

The issue I seem to have identified is:

1) Paxlovid is not available in my local pharmacies
2) testing is not available on weekends
3) test results take 2-4 days
4) Paxlovid must be taken within 5 days

I am still investigating if in fact this is the true story. If I get sick on a Friday, I'd not be able to get any treatment.

Getting really sick Sundays at 5 am is a standard around here.


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I'd say the weekends are a wasteland for trying to reach our doctors, offices, etc. Do you have a stand-alone ER clinic near you (not at the hospital)? You can often call and appointment times will be made, which cuts the waiting time way down.

The home tests are rather unreliable, and the others do take time, as you say. However, if you have genuinely have symptoms of COVID the clinic may be able to provide you with the necessary medication. Confirmation will be made a few days later. That's all I can suggest.

Whereas we once had a gas station on each corner,, we now seem to have ER clinics. It's a miracle that they all stay open. Of courses this is only if you have insurance BUT be warned, you should confirm that your insurance will be accepted....if not you may receive an unwanted bill.

The clinics should be used for basic care only...e.g.a heart attack should send a patient to a hospital ER, preferably by ambulance. Good luck! Yours, Lenora