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How to Improve Long-Haul COVID Symptoms


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United States, New Hampshire
Residual COVID Symptoms, Mast Cell Activation, and Your Gut with Dr. Leonard Weinstock

The scientific understanding of COVID-19 is evolving rapidly, and the research now tells us that there is a link between gastrointestinal dysbiosis and the symptoms of long haul COVID.

On today’s podcast, I speak with Dr. Leonard Weinstock, a gastroenterologist and clinical researcher. We discuss his latest findings about long COVID, mast cell activation, and the relationship to gut health.

For COVID-19 patients who are suffering with severe chronic symptoms post infection, these findings could change the way this condition is treated by highlighting the role of restoring microbial balance.

In This Episode

Intro … 00:00:44
Long Haul COVID … 00:07:37
Long Haul COVID Symptoms … 00:19:41
Long Haul COVID Therapeutics … 00:28:41
Over and Under Diagnosis … 00:32:00
MCAS Diagnostic Criteria … 00:36:30
MCAS and Gut Health … 00:39:12
FODMAP Diets … 00:42:10
Reducing Inflammation … 00:43:40
Algorithms for Diagnosis … 00:48:47
Adhesion Therapy … 00:50:49
Medical History and Adhesions … 00:56:00
Breath Testing … 01:00:23
Wrap-Up … 01:02:47