how severe is your ME-CFS?

how severe is your ME -CFS?

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Who knows? Very little is known about this illness.

She and I came down with same very sudden-onset flu-like illness 6-7 years ago. Maybe it's strictly viral. But then, I had some mild symptoms before that which may have been early ME/CFS.... or something else entirely.

My husband doesn't have ME/CFS despite close contact with us all these years. Why not if it is contagious at all?

My uncle has ME/CFS. He was not around us when we had the flu-like illness, but was already sick then.

Maybe a viral (or retroviral) infection PLUS a genetic factor are necessary for ME/CFS. Maybe it's been passed down vertically in my family somehow.

Other people have completely different experiences and paths to ME/CFS.

We simply don't have sufficient information, yet, to draw any conclusions. We have some interesting theories, but they don't currently answer all the questions about transmission, course of illness, or many other factors.

Bottom line: There is a lot we simply don't know, yet, and as patients we will still have to cope with that ambiguity for some years.
Maybe a viral (or retroviral) infection PLUS a genetic factor are necessary for ME/CFS.
I believe this theory will turn out to be correct through experimentation!

Though I do wonder about "clusters"


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I gotta question (And im not trying to be rude)
But how do you go to the grocery store and eat if you are housebound or bedbound?

You might say, someone helps you. But I live alone ~4000 miles away from my family.:(
If one is truely bedbound or housebound, they just cant or they are severely restricting things eg may only shop once per month as it just arent usually possible for them to do.

When i was bedbound... I had to get another to do my shopping and leave it at my front door (as i was too sick for any friends to be visiting), then my child who was only 10 years old and having to be my carer, she would then put all the groceries away. Bedbound=truely stuck in bed

One can only do whatever one can do.... in a bedbound state, I believe I would of died if I didnt have a child living with me to do those things I couldnt at all do.

Those first two answers on the poll.. I would wonder if the person has CFS/ME if they are that little affected (unless they are heading towards remission). Those first two answers just sound like someone with a bit of fatigue.. where as CFS/ME is a quite disabliting illness.


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Could I just ask a question here, on how to create a poll when I post a new thread?

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If anyone anyone is familiar with setting up a poll, could could kindly explain how it is done. Many thanks