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How do you find your ideal thyroid dosage?

My doctor, despite being a holistic practitioner, "prefers" that I not use too much pharmacological assistance, however I know my body and know what works and what doesn't (been taking herbs and supplements for years now to no real benefit).

I just started Armour Thyroid, my body is responding very well to it though I am on a very low dose, despite having taken very high dosages of thyroid supplements (such as Nutri-Meds, among others).

How have you adjusted your thyroid dosage to find the optimal levels for you? How do you use your labs to support your thyroid dosages? For reference, my latest levels (with supplementation) are:


Jan 2010 Sep 2010
T3 Total 0.84 0.8
T4 Total 7.37 6
Free T3 2.82 2.36
Free T4 1.04 1.43
TSH 1.38 0.57

TRH Stim 3.2

My doc keeps focusing on the labs being "normal" and pushing me to take all kinds of herbs, supplements, etc even though a small dose (1/2 grain) of armour is showing positive results.