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How do stem cell trials for CFID's get started in USA?


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Cheney reports having good results with 12 or so patients using stem cells in Panama and Costa Rica. Stem Cell Therapy is going through many trials for various conditions in USA.

How do stem cell trials for CFID's get started in USA. From Cheney's reports and other patients (non cheney and cheney) anecdotal feedback there appears to be little risk with this treatment and in some cases great upside.

The cost for treatment however is prohibitive $17-25K (incl travel and lodging) for each trip....with up to perhaps 3 trips needed in order to go into remission.

How do we get the ball rolling on trying this treatment here in the US...I'm a willing guinea pig as I'm sure are many others.

Let's Go!!!!!


Hi lisag,

I changed the title of your thread so that others can know what you are asking about.