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Hospital team discovers why a routine treatment for severe Covid-19 can fail


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They have confirmed significant findings in how the virus alters the body’s blood clotting process, which means current treatments can fail.

Main image above: research assistant Jan Whitley and research nurse Jun Cezar Zaldua, who made numerous trips into Covid hotspots

The team at the Welsh Centre for Emergency Medicine Research, based at Morriston Hospital, found evidence that standard blood-thinning drugs are less effective in patients with severe Covid.

Their discovery could mean changes in the way Covid patients are treated in future.

Covid is known to trigger the formation of abnormal blood clots, which can lead to damage in organs including the brain and lung, causing life-threatening complications such as stroke.

What is not as clear is why this happens. And that is what the centre has been investigating after it was awarded Welsh Government funding.

The centre, based in Morriston’s Emergency Department, was founded and is led by Professor Adrian Evans.

He said: “Covid-19 is known to have an adverse effect on the clotting process of the body.

“It leads to activation of the clotting mechanism which in turn results in formation of clots within the organs. This often leads to multi-organ failure.

“One of the treatments to prevent this is to give clot-breaking drugs such as heparin. But it is not always effective, so some Covid patients end up with organ damage.”

Read the full article: https://sbuhb.nhs.wales/news/swanse...utine-treatment-for-severe-covid-19-can-fail/

A personal note: I stopped heparin and other blood thinners because of internal bleeding.