Holiday WPI donation idea


this was posted by Karen M. Campbell on co-cure today and I thought it was a good idea (I've slightly adapted it for the international market)

Donations for research

if 17 million ME/CFS patients each give $1/month, that's

$17,000,000 a month and $204,000,000/year

Just the money raised in one month would be over 3X more than the US government funds currently.

And it'll go where it'll do the most good - to good scientific research on xmrv and on ME/CFS.

Put that link in with your Christmas cards/e-cards, and ask friends to donate instead of giving you gifts.

For those older relatives who don't use computers,

Whittemore Peterson Institute,
6600 N. Wingfield Parkway,
Sparks NV 89436

I would rather have good health than more clutter in my house!

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donations for presents

Great idea. Thanks for posting this.

I've been using isearchigive and shopping on the igive sites. Even bought a few things, some stocking stuffers. It's fun and it reminds me of WPI every day.