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HIV skeptics are skeptical of XMRV - Does it matter?


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HIV link to AIDS may not be simple. XMRV skeptics make same claim - yawn!

HIV link to AIDS may not be simple. XMRV skeptics make same claim - yawn!

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I have no sympathy for HIV skeptics/denialists. This HIV positive woman conceived children and let one die, all the while denying it was AIDS. She died herself a few years later.

Nice writing,CBS! Great quotes from Coffin!

In January 6th, 2010edition of Science Now, Dr. Coffin writes in response to the UK article and the WPI response: “One distinct possibility, is that both papers are right. He called the PLoS ONE paper too "preliminary" to settle the debate and said XMRV could show more genetic variety, and thus be harder to detect, than anyone assumed. It's also possible that distinct strains of XMRV appear in different parts of the world, like the retroviruses HIV and HTLV (a leukemia virus).”

Coffin says “one more possibility, raised by many different scientists, is that CFS is actually a suite of diseases that presents the same symptoms and so might have many causes.” Lombardi (of the WPI) seconds this point. "It's naive to think that everyone with chronic fatigue has the same etiology. There's probably going to be a subset of people with CFS that have XMRV, and it will probably end up being classified as XMRV-related CFS."


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Hi Shane. I'm a bit confused by your post. I don't see anything there that supports your thread title - that HIV skeptics are also skeptical of XMRV. Unless I'm missing something (which is possible!) I just see an article from HIV denialists, and then you discuss how CFS can resemble AIDS.

Are you just saying that retroviral disease is still poorly understood and is likely multifactorial, and thus XMRV deserves more investigation?

I don't think we're well-served to give the impression that we give any credence AT ALL to HIV deniers.


Shane. I personally would not worry over anyone who denies someone's illness identity with a proven infection such as an HIV test or HTLV/XMRV.
(Even if it is upsetting and annoying), many people in this life just like to aggravate others as they have nothing better to do.