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Higher heart rate when lying in sunshine + study which might explain why and also effects of heat/cold on Orthostatic tolerance.


Que sera sera
Yeah, I’m the same.
Although I’ve gotten stronger, being in the sun does similar to me. Indoors or outdoors. It’s incredibly frustrating.


Senior Member
I had to stay out of the sun in June because it adds a lot to the heat that my body already struggles with a bit, it really heats you up as soon as you go from the shade to the sun, i've been really lucky that theres only been one mild to moderate heatwave in the uk so far this year, been living outside since april and I only go in the house with a 3M 4279+ respirator on, because of my new symptoms this year, extreme hypersensitivity to some things in the air, even outdoors I will sometimes feel a little ill due to stuff coming from neighbours houses or just generally in the entire airspace temporarily e.g. agricultural stuff.

I manage just by staying in the shade when the suns hitting in the morning and midday and I got 2 fans which are clean and new so not moldy, when it gets too hot weather it is draining though. I will likely need to go back into my house by October but I have a plan figured out already.