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High TgAb, Low TSH, High T3 & T4


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East Sussex
I wonder if anyone could help shed some light on what might be going on with my Thyroid at the moment?

I have not been on any medication for 2 years since being overmedicated and having a medical emergency for Thyroid storm. Since then I managed to use nutritional techniques to balance the thyroid and keep it at decent level of TSH 1.5 and middle of the road T3 and T4.

I will include full medical history below as there are some factors such as comorbid Lyme that may apply, do I have hashimotos?

Other results/factors going on:

High Cholesterol & triglycerides
Low Vitamin D (despite summer)
Borderline Low Creatine Kinase
Borderline High Thyroglobulin antibodies
High Immunoglobulin E
Low Testosterone, Oestradiol, FSH.

Medication and supplements used recently:


Lyme, EBV, Coxsackie, Mycoplasma, Chlamydia, bartonella
- Intestinal candida
- Leaky gut
- High Pyraglutamate
- Thrombocytes raised
- High nk cells
- Low CD cells

2003ish: Chronic migraines requiring MRI.

2014 Burning out - working in London.

Dec 2014 - Wisdoms removal. GA. Cocodamol/naproxen.
Spring 2015 - felt downshift from Amoxicillin (for exposed cavity)

Dec 2015 - Virus (later worked out Coxsackievirus) - flu/fever followed by costochondritis, reactive arthritis (Lyme), Bursitis, Pleurisy/carditis "devil's grip". On heaps of cocodamol + naproxen.

Jan 2016 - CFS/Fibromyalgia.

2016 - pushed through 1 year full time work & social life.
Intermittent Ataxia or cerebellitis + spontaneous falls. TMJ.

Dec 2016 Mega M.E. crash - housebound.

2017 - slight improvement with slowing down but moved home. Fibromyalgia/pain improved.

2018-2019 Up and down, steady 90% housebound

2019 Doxycyline and LDN set me back instead of helping

2020 Spring. Doing well on T3/NDT, until overmedicated & big traumatic hospital visit for Thyroid storm.

2020 First Cov exposure - more fatigued for a month then not quite back to before

2021 second exposure - Long Covid symptoms & hospital rigmarole.
Quite significant set back + awful POTs symptoms.


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