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High MCV, MeFolate makes me depressed, probably not homocysteine

New here. One side of my family has fatigue and chronically high MCV. I do, too. MCV will get more normal with a lot of methyl folate and methyl B12. No one has heart disease or stroke, so I'm thinking no elevated homocysteine. However, methylfolate makes me sleepy and depressed, so I don't take it.

I was diagnosed with CFS as a teenager. My uncle and sister got sick as teenagers as well.

When I first got really sick, I was really stressed over breaking up with a boyfriend. It went like this:
1. Hives from my knees to my chest, then......
2. Random bouts of diarrhea.
3. Insomnia
4. Anxiety, depression, fatigue, weakness
5. Intense flushing of cheeks, nose, and ears.
6. Occasional nosebleeds
7. Awful eczema
8. Intolerance of muscle soreness.
9. Major brain fog, forgetfulness
10. At first, so much sweating. It was extreme and sudden.

The diarrhea turn into chronic constipation. I figured out I had some intense food allergies. Also, I had worsenings with nickel exposure, like braces. The eczema was initially an allergic reaction to nickel contact that kept occurring in the same spots. I do have recurrent angular cheilitis as well as hair loss.

I have SIBO and suspect histamine intolerance. I have been diagnosed as bipolar II, but seem to only experience hypomania when eating allergic foods, changing medication doses, or with opioid pain drugs.

I have inhalent allergies that make anxious and tired, and chemical sensitivities.

I follow a low allergen, low histamine, rotation, SIBO diet, and I'm afraid if I have to go on the low protein CBS diet I've read about, there won't be anything to eat.

Here are some reactions to medications and supplements:

DHA- I have to take an EPA only fish oil, EPA make me depressed, tired, and anxious
Vitamin D (cholecalciferol):depressed,anxious, exhausted
Vitamin D (ergocalciferol) tolerated at 2000iu per day right now
Magnesium: helpful in small quantities, sick and depressed in larger quantities
Idebenone: sick
benfothiamine: sick
multivitamins: sick
turmeric: sick
Methylfolate: tired and depressed
Methylb12: Nothing that I can tell
Sam-E: maybe sleepy/relaxed initially at 800mg
B-6- good at about 5mg/day, bad at higher doses.

tranylcypramine (parnate-MAOI) lifts mood- sleep impossible at "normal amounts"- low dose
trazodone- I've taken it for 18 years. Mostly keeps me asleep, puts me to sleep, mild hangover.
lithium- I don't think it helps.
lamotrigine- I don't think it helps.

Would appreciate any help in determining the metabolic issues at play here.

Have you had a 23andme test done to look at your Methylation pathway genes?
Also consider a Hair Analysis Heavy Metal test to check Lithium levels, in particular ?
Sorry (brain fog). I blood pressure is ranges from 80/50 to 100/60. I'm always cold, but heat makes me feel like passing out. Many foods give me a rapid strong heart beat. Got Raynaud's and I bruise easily.
Have you had a 23andme test done to look at your Methylation pathway genes?
Also consider a Hair Analysis Heavy Metal test to check Lithium levels, in particular ?
When I started reading this forum today, I decided that the 23andme is an excellent idea.