High dose thiamine--promising survey


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I got no improvement from benfothiamine or theanine mononitrate but was only taking 100mg. They also give me headaches at that dose, I have started theanine mononitrate at 25mg and will try working my way up to 200.


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I found at least 80 mg a day of thiamine got rid of about 95% of my chronic insomnia. Without it I get insomnia 3-4 days a week where I only get 3-4 hours of sleep a night. With it, I get 8 to 8.5 hours of sleep every night, and that's all I need.

It also gives me a very noticeable energy boost during the day. I'd like to try higher doses but I seem to be very sensitive to the thiamine.

It gives me a big energy boost but with that, if I take too much, I get a lot of anxiety. The anxiety I get with it, doesn't justify the extra energy I get, if I raise the dose.

All in all, as far as supplements go, I consider it an indispensable part of my protocol.


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i’ve been wanting to try high doses of thiamine although i’ve been a bit worried of any toxicity. i understand it’s water soluble but im also not very informed on this subject. i meet with a pharmacist regularly and he couldn’t give me much of an answer based on research he read other than “it appears 500mg a day is safe.” i was doing 600mg daily without much benefit and wanted to raise to the upper limits to see if benefit is noted, but i’m worried of any toxicity. is it safe?


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Now, I haven't been faithful to it because of life events however, the few days I took it in a row I did notice that I was craving my Zevia cola less.

Usually that means something is improving because I use the cola to help my mind override my body in order to get at least bare minimum survival activities done.

How come things that seem to improve us only millimeter up ("inching up" seemed an inaccurate description) by maybe single percentage points (not even that sometimes) whereas things that crash us go in leaps and bounds on the down scale?
(Maybe that question should be more for the daily moan thread.) :(


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I took 1200mg and had an amazing experience for about 4 days. I titrated up to this dose over quite some time.

Eventually I settled around 600mg a day as it was doing me a lot of good.

It seemed to vastly reduced inflamation in my tissues. Maybe this was mass ROS reduction? Increased blood flow to the brain. Also I felt as if my muscles switched to aerobic respiration and my PEM was about 65% blocked. All very impressive but the initial surge didn't last sadly. I tried every co factor under the sun but while I still had benefits it wasn't as good as the diet week.

But now I'm taking the Herpes veridai protocol my fatigue has completely gone. My dizziness has gone (last few days) over 4 weeks all of my cranial cervical junction swelling and neck stiffness and swelling disappeared. But this did take the full 4 weeks. I only take 100mg of thiamine hcl per day now. So the protocol itself ended up being a much better way to block PEM and reduce swelling etc.

Of course the protocol costs £190 a month. Thiamine hcl is a hell of a lot cheaper ☺️