HHV-6 IgG Labcorp and Quest results for comparison

To assist in correlating data between two national labs, I offer the following results.
here are quest and Labcorp HHV-6 IgG AB results for comparison between the two labs taken on the same person (though two weeks apart, no treatment in between)

1:20 Quest (preformed at quest Infectious Desease San Juan capistrino CA) 1/29/2018
1:320 Labcorp (preforming lab unknown, collected in Ohio) 1/13/2018

note that Labcorp interpretation criteria states, "The median titer in a population of apparently healthy adults is 1:320"


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Thanks for posting those results.

That certainly shows that you cannot apply antibody titer interpretations valid for one lab to another lab, as we see in your results that titers can very dramatically between labs, and each lab has its own range.

Usually you find that ME/CFS specialist doctors will use specific labs and tests that they are familiar with, and may have their own titer threshold for diagnosing a chronic active infection.

For example, Dr John Chia uses the ARUP Lab micro-neutralization antibody tests for coxsackievirus B and echovirus, and diagnoses chronic active infection for titers of 1:320 and over. He arrived at this 1:320 threshold value by analyzing the ARUP Lab test results of hundreds of ME/CFS patients and healthy controls.

What would be really good is if we could get more details from the various ME/CFS specialist doctors regarding what lab tests they use, and what they regard as the threshold titer level for diagnosing a chronic active infection.