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Herbal Treatment Protocol and additional resources

Houston, Texas U.S.A
A recent article published in a free on-line paper that focuses on Lyme and other related chronic illnesses has recently published an article about herbal treatment options that sounds intriguing and appropriate for Lyme, Fibro and CFS. And no, I haven't tried it yet, but the author of the article is currently on.


I highly recommend all CFS/Fibro patients read or skim through back issues for free to see more information that may be useful here:


I also recommend www.BetterHealthGuy.com, because he has tried just about everything for Lyme, co-infections and CFS under the sun and just keeps trying. He is the human guinea pig and is willing to share his results for free and even sends a periodical email update is you subscribe.

Hope this helps with treatment options that help restore at least some health and vitality.