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help with sleep....

A zombie

Senior Member
so just a snip it's here... i have theyoid problems and Adrenal fatigue. High at night low in the AM. My dr believes i'm sent my body from hypo the hyper, which my sympotms do reflect that... fast HR, insomnin, etc.
he has me coming down off of armour to 1 grain.
i've been dealing with AWFUL insomnina for maybe 4 plus months.
One of my sympotms at night is twitching... i've been recommended mag oil from so many ppl and it's not working , i still twitch. I also notice some nights i ee exessively, not every night , though. The twitching is very bad right now though.
However, i'm able to take nap and have no twitches what so ever. YET as niight it's like electricity going through it.
Last night i wasn't to sleep till after 2a and this was after 2 mgs of loraz at 11p and then another at 1a...
I spend most night crying my eyes out do to the insomnina.
I wasn't to sleep last night till 2a yet had a one year old that started to cry at 630am. I spent a good portion of my morning crying becuz i can't take this life any more....
I met a new dr last week and he put me on cortisol manager to lower cort ( iread reviews of it on amazon nd everyone, i mean everyone can't praise this product enough.... how it lets them sleep when they never could before)
my dr says my issues are more thyroid than they are adrenal but i think they are mostly adrenals.
Im sick to my stoamch with this insomnina and trying to raise a family.
I don't know why i can take a short test during the day and have no body twitches but come 10p when i go to bed , i get them, i get them so bad that they keep me up... last night they were going till 1a and even after...
i did do the 23and me testing , but i don't know if any of that could relate to why i'm not sleeping and why this cortisol manager isn't working for me. Maybe i'm taking too much , maybe not enough???

Little Bluestem

All Good Things Must Come to an End
How long have you been taking the Cortisol Manager? Does it take some time to be effective?
Would a sleep study be appropriate?
You could try some potassium, as well as the magnesium.

A zombie

Senior Member
it's been a week. Last ngiht i totally felt like it was going to be my night for lseep. I even drifted off but the dang Mother twitches started UP... i had to tak 4 mgs of loraz to sleep.... there's goit to be a better plan than this. Just has to.. there has to ber a reason for the twitches (that btw only come at night , not during a cat nap during the day).
i could add potassium to my arsenal... eveyone thought it was a mag def , but mag isn't helping. AT.ALL. I'll try anything right now, i'm so desperate for them to gp away. I think i recall at mone point take hylands restless legs and it helped... have no idea what could be ius reatless legs to have heped but i think i will get some today...
i'm just so flabergasted at this while thing. Last night was going to be my night for sleep :(