Help with re-sending supps from Europe to Spain?


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Hi everybody,

I have a hard problem, easy to solve with some help though…I live in Spain, and, like most of us, I am taking about 30 supps daily…I do need them.

The supplements in Spain and in Europe are unaffordable to me (about 10-15 times more expensive than in the USA). So, I usually buy my supps on, in the USA.

The problem is that it is illegal to import supps from the USA to Spain, so for the last 5 years I have been sending the supps to a friend of mine who lives in Dublin (Ireland), where it is allowed to send supps. Then she re-sends the supps to me, because there are not customs issues in Europe. So this is legal.

Now my friend is moving to Spain, and I don’t know anyone in Europe who could help me anymore…This is actually a tragedy for me, because without supps I would get much worse…

So, is there anyone living in Europe willing to help me with re-sending supplements? I know for sure it is legal to send supplements to UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, and probably other countries in Europe.

I know you guys are also sick, so I'll explain what you would need to do in order to help me, for you to know if you could do this effort: I send supps every 4-5 months. Notmally 1 big packet from Vitacost, and a 1-2 more small boxes from Holistic health or other place. You would have to open the small packets and put their bottles in the big box from Vitacost. Then you would have to mail it.

I would really appreciate if someone could consider helping me out...(If so, please PM me)

Thanks so much,