Help Needed. Is it hyponatremia or?


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I've been experiencing quite disabling symptoms over the last 3 days now and am wracking my brain for what it might be.

Sleeping for 15+ hours and general lethargy.
What feels like myoclonic seizures.
Blacking out momentarily and losing muscle tone
Low grade spasming of my muscles
Eyes having sort of seizures/ spasms where it feels like they're rolling
Falling in and out of consciousness around going to sleep
Waking up and heart beat/ adrenaline very haywire.

Never had anything like the blackouts before so they're very scary.

Just had a brain wave this morning that it could be hypnatremia as the symptoms fit quite well but I drank a glass of salt water and made all the symptoms worse (so must be something to do with electrolytes right)

Just wondering if anyone else has had these experiences and whether they thought it might be hyponatremia and if there's any self treatments I can do.

I can't get an ambulance due to the pandemic and will be surprised if my doctor takes it seriously although I will go tomorrow to a gp and try and get some blood tests.

Thanks for reading.
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When I was last treated for hyponatremia in ER they just told me to limit my fluid intake as much as possible and let my body rebalance itself. How much fluid are you drinking per day? Do you think you could be low on another electrolyte, like calcium or potassium?

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What if you have some kind of encephalopathy? Any fever?

If you have a Kardia around, you can check your heart rhythm- if it is electrolytes that are bad enough to give you those neuro symptoms, then the rhythm is likely abnormal and sometimes you can tell what the electrolyte impbalance is from the shape of the wave.

I wouldn't want to assume ths is electrolyte-caused though.


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Hello, the symptoms have eased off a lot so something transient, I suppose. Lending more weight to it being a sudden drop in electrolytes? Who ever knows. Let's hope it doesn't start up again.

Thank you for taking the time to write and suggesting fluid limitation. I'll go to the doctor today and no doubt any blood tests they reluctantly give me will show nothing and the only conclusion will be that I'm actually fine and all these symptoms I describe are just normal day to day things. Because that's why you go to a medical school for 7+ years.


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This really resonates. I seem to have all the issues you meantion i think.

no idea what is happening but i wonder if mine isnt neck or hypothalamus? I get thats muscle spasms also in my bladder and maybe neck? When neck gives occupital pain and eye vibration pain. I think made worse by electrolites too.

i wonder if mine is pem? I have no idea what is happening. I thought it was narcolepsy. But the spasms dont see to fit. They scare me a bit.

any help from doctors yet? I have an eeg coming up mayve thatll show something. I cant seem to find another match anywhere but you.

i also start dreaming very fast during these sleep attacks.

mine are getting worse.

I also wonder if it’s encephalitis. Maybe eds?
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