Help me make sense of these Aldosterone results?

I decided to make a separate thread for this specifically, because my other thread was too gigantic and had way too much info and questions. The test results are as follows...

Aldost SerPI-mCnc - 1 ng/dl
see note

*** Unable to flag abnormal result(s), please refer to reference range(s) below:
Adult Reference Ranges for Aldosterone, LC/MS/MS:
Upright 8:00 - 10:00 am < or = 28 ng/dl
Upright 4:00 - 6:00 pm < or = 21 ng/dl
Supine 8:00 - 10:00am 3 - 16 ng/dl

Renin Plas-cCnc 0.71
0.25-5.82 ng/mL/h <-- (normal range)
Aldost/Renin SerPI-Rto 1.4
0.9-28.9 Ratio <-- (normal range)

So my Aldosterone level is at '1' with a renin of .71 and ratio of the two at 1.4, right?

But what I don't understand (one of the many things here and with the situation), is that there's no 'low' number for the range. So how are people ever diagnosed with hypoaldosteronism (low aldosterone levels)??

As well, the tests themselves were taken incorrectly... ordered by my Nephrologist, who I feel like should absolutely know better - never told me to go at any specific time, and never had me do the lying down one. And as a result of that, nothing is being flagged as "abnormal".

So she's telling me, my test results are normal... but how can that possibly be with a level of ONE out of 28. Even if it was done an hour and a half late... even the 4-6pm one is 21 and under... Not to mention I have, or have had at one point or another, every single symptom of Aldosterone deficiency in existence, and is and has been my chief complaint my entire life...

Most importantly, what levels do people normal get prescribed Florinef/Fludrocortisone (prescription Aldosterone) at?? Because I can't imagine it gets much lower than a '1' lol.
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Also... I have excruciating back pain, pinpointed EXACTLY to where both of my kidneys are located, never changes locations and it's unmistakeable... and this pain always gets much worse when my tremendous needs for salt goes up, my urine becomes severely concentrated, extremely acidic, and infrequent (after years and years of severely overly frequent urination), and whenever I have adrenal fatigue/crisis symptoms (vomiting, fainting, dim vision, tremors, seizure like shaking, etc... yet somehow my doctors aren't concerned *rolls eyes*).

Can this type of pain I mentioned be from my adrenal glands themselves? either because they're englarged or just so sore from overworking or something similar? Or is it my kidneys maybe because they can't handle the load of acidic fluids (fluid imbalance anybody?)

Can the adrenal glands ever hurt under any circumstances?


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