(HELP)Covid treatment&connection with tachycardia

southeast asia
Please help. Im really desperate. :( the hospital is collapse.

ive already have many health issues but my biggest symptoms is tachycardia palpitation. Many sensitivities. (i Also have autoimmune) But now im worried about covid.

for 3-4 days i have a few symptoms(fever, itchy throat)but It comes and go. And PCR test result isnt good although im not sure if its reliable. My biggest worried though is my heart. :(

Although im also scared with all of those crazy effects they say from covid.

Please if anyone got some info of precautions and what help with my condition. I feel reallt lost :( :(


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I'm so sorry to hear that!

Yes, many people are anxious about all the possible effects from COVID.

If what you have is COVID, it sounds like it may be a minor case (fever, itchy throat that come and go).

Are the symptoms still minor?