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Hello. Looking for help/guidance please re Methyl protocol


Rebel without a biscuit
Hello All

I’m looking for some help/insight into methylation issues I’m experiencing to do with symptom relief especially the nausea and painful leg.

I started my second attempt at methylation at the end of January this year.

One difference between this attempt and the previous one (2012) is that I have reduced grains/gluten by about 80% and am slowly working on the last 20%.

Also, the last time I was able to get out, (fall of last year) was a Dr. appointment. I wanted to discuss the possibility of Low Dose Naltrexone. He said he’d read up on it but meanwhile he would give me Lyrica. That same week we discovered we’d have to move house so I delayed my Rx since I didn’t know how I’d respond and I needed to pack etc. I mention this because I then took the Lyrica in the new year after moving while starting the Methyl Protocol. I finished the Lyrica about 6 weeks ago (end of March).

January 31 2014

So now I started ‘low’ with:
Hydroxycobalamin ~ AOR brand 1mg sublingual Dose: 1 mg
5-MTHF ~ Metagenics brand Folapro 800 mcgs Dose: about 100 mcgs to start

I also immediately started taking potassium ( 99 mg K+ citrate - Natural Factors). I wish I’d waited for symptoms first.

I have been titrating up slowly with the Mfolate and recently have decided to try dosing up more quickly to the point of symptoms to reach a healing dose as per Freddd. this is because I seemed to be experiencing symptoms from small Mfolate increases.

Some symptoms have been:

Past 10 days: mild head tension around eyes and at back of neck, shoulders, night sweats.

Past 7 days: above symptoms and dry mouth on waking (not always), extreme lethargy at night and again in the morning, pounding heart, slight breathlessness, and worst leg pain (right leg every day, sometimes also left) and nausea which has lead me to throw up now.

As of last 7 days

  • 5-MTHF ~ 1600 mcgs I aim for taking this earlier in the day but sometimes my day starts late.
  • Hydroxo B12 ~ 1mg
  • Potassium is usually between 6 and 8 99 mg tabs.

I now have Methyl B12 (AOR 5 mg sublingual). I have been using it for the past 3 days at a dose of 1.25 mg (1/4 tab).

Two strange things to note are that I discovered that ALCAR really works for me.

I had spent a great deal of time trying to find a Canadian source for this and could not.

I had some ALCAR hanging about so I tried one and felt ‘brighter’ in the way that we often mean it here.

Also, today as I became nauseous again I decided to crush a K+ tablet in some orange juice. I never drink juice. But I felt better very soon after and so must wonder if that could have been why.

Is it possible that the protocol affects my insulin? I’m not diabetic. Also I am concerned about kidney function. Although I don’t know enough to be specific.

I should also note that I routinely take Magnesium. New Roots Mg bisglycinate 150 mg with taurine 50mg.

I take Omega 3 fish oil. Nordic Naturals 300ish mg EPA/DHA

I take a Multi B about once a week. AOR advance B complex: http://www.aor.ca/products-page/advanced/advanced-b-complex/ as well as their Multi Mineral formula which I take once a day.

Although I had a good response I’ve only taken the ALCAR a few times as I’m trying to figure out this other stuff.

I also cannot find a Canadian source for adenosyl B12. I’m concerned about the cost (currency exchange/ tariff/shipping costs) and whether I can get it across the border without being seized.

Another support supplement I have on hand:

New Roots C8: http://newrootsherbal.com/product/id/1229

I’m sorry this is so long. Any observations suggestions are greatly appreciated.

My mind is having trouble thinking through what to do as I adjust day by day to the symptoms and they seem to be getting worse.



Senior Member
I've had no problem getting carnitine, adB12 and lithium orotate across the border in my iherb orders. You might want to try them.


Rebel without a biscuit
Thanks for your responses.

I have been dosing with the hydroxyB12 and nothing else. I has resolved my leg pain somewhat but my mental energy/stamina and focus are not good. I'll just continue with not taking anything for the time being. :(