Have You Had a Pneumonia Vaccine?


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Hello, My PCP wants me to strongly consider getting the Prevnar 20 vaccine. I had all 4 COVID vaccines with no problems, but haven't had the courage to get a pneumonia or flu vaccine since 1999. The reason is because I developed severe panic attacks immediately after getting a flu and pneumonia shot and ended up on Xanax for over 20 years. I recently quit the benzos and am doing fine without it.

My PCP wasn't convinced that my panic attacks were actually caused by the vaccine itself. It wasn't what would be called an allergic anaphylactic reaction. She suggested I just do the pneumonia shot alone.

I'm 70 and believe it would be good to get it. I'm just nervous about it possibly triggering a problem.

Charles Shepherd recommends it, which gives me more confidence. Here's a link to that: https://meassociation.org.uk/2020/09/pneumonia-and-the-pneumococcal-vaccine/

Any thoughts?