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Has anyone used the MRS 2000?


Senior Member
Hi there.

Yes i know there's a theread on another PEMF machine but that is is not the same.

I have dysautonomia, poor mitochondrial function, multiple chemical sensitivities and chronic yeast, strep, staph issues. I have done EVERY test you can do so i have a big idea of what is going on and i am working on it but it takes ages.

A message therapist near me has had this device for a few months and is seeing unbeliveable benefits from his patients.

I am currently researching and i am dubious but there does seem to be ALOT of studies and i know we as HUMANS need magnetic fields for our health.
I am disgusted at how everyone(therapists) are making money selling these yet there are fantastic testimonials from people with ms, cfs, osteoporis etc.

The claims are that these help ATp production, regulation of the nervous system, increased circulation etc.

any thoughts?
I REALLY would like to know
anyone can email me