Has anyone tried coq10 and Nadh


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Something that was suggested to me by the Klimas group

Just wondering if anyone has tried this and is it true that taking mito supplements/cellular energy supplents that it takes at least a few months in use to create changes in the body getting more oxygen delivery into the cells?

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Hello @Davesey 27......CoQ10 has been one of our mainstays for probably 35 years now.

My husband had two cardiac arrests and out of probably 10 cardiologists, he asked to speak to me and asked if my husband had been on Q10? When I replied in the affirmative he said he thought it was the only reason he survived the massiveness of the attacks. This was probably 25-30 years ago.

Just make certain that you get the proper type, Carlson's was recommended to us long ago, but I don't even think they make it any longer. Also bear in mind that CoQ10 should be converted to Ubiquinol (which is sold) b/c as we age our body has different needs. I can't remember the age difference from stopping CoQ10 and Ubiquinol..... your doctor or even a well informed drug assistant can probably help you.

I've used it for many years myself...probably from the time of introduction. I now have 7 (I believe) stents as I had a mild heart attack a few years ago. I'll have to have more stents this year. I have familial high cholesterol, high BP....the usual things one hears about as one ages. My father died of heart disease at age 40, so there is something in our family, obviously genetic. All my brothers and sisters had the same problem, but no one ever died of a heart attack. I'm not overweight...or at least by much. Yours Lenora.