Has anyone temporarily improved during a head-cold?

New Zealand
I had a temporary improvement from a head-cold,. For five days I had a very powerful head cold. But at the same time I had the most energy I had felt since I became unwell as a teenager. That remission continued one more day after the head-cold had resolved. Unfortunately the day after that I was back to my normal severe ME/CFS

I have had head-colds before and after this, but they weren’t the same, nor did they give the same remission.

Presumably because there are 4 coronaviruses (now 5 lol), 4 or 5 rhinoviruses and multiple other viruses that cause head colds. So maybe it had something to do with a certain type of virus

It’s like my immune system was distracted by the head-cold that it forgot to keep me sick with ME/CFS

I have heard that other people with ME/CFS sometimes improve with some types of head-colds also.

has this happened to you? or do you know if any researchers are studying the strange phenomena.

Because if what I experienced makes me know that ME/CFS is reversible

Rufous McKinney

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I think the cold gives the body something real to do, and the autoimmune dysfunctions are less severe.

I get stomach things which are like the stomach flu (severe gastroperesis) and I can generate a whole host of worsened ME symptoms during those events.

But I"ve only had very mild colds recently (perhaps because I take chinese herbs to prevent the cold from penetrating)


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I don't get head colds.

My Covid-19 non-vaccine injected body killed off Covid-19 in five days flat.

But I still have ME/CFS.