Has anyone found TREATING YEAST/BACTERIA helps CFS in a HUGE way?


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I am now more convinced than ever 95% of all people with CFS have this due to gut issues.

Me personally i know everything started with the gut. I already knew i had yeast and bacterial infections then for a year striaght i ate horribly to the point of being so fatigued i literally could NOT feed myself; no joke. I had only enough energy to stop me from organ failure.

I now believe it is the toxins from the gut due to yeast and bacteria that CAUSE ALL THIS. They can effect the nervous system and mitochondria directly lowering ATP casuing organ issues etc.

I am now armed with the info i need and i am going to work on my gut.

has anyone come to the same conclusions and treated the gut alleviating problems?

plz read below for e.g; NOW WHAT DOES CANDIDA PRODUCE?

'The PSNS is regulated by another neurotransmitter Acetylcholine (ACh). The neurotransmitter is recycled for continuous functioning of the nerve. In this hypothesis, compensatory increase of PSNS is necessary to down regulate SNS activity. However, incomplete recycling of ACh may lead to its increased metabolism. Choline which has 3 methyl groups on a glycine skeleton, is the first byproduct. One methyl group then becomes formaldehyde.

Formaldehyde is a simple one carbon molecule, oxidized from methane via methanol. Formaldehyde can then be oxidized to formic acid. Inherently toxic, it is remarkable that the body actually generates formaldehyde. The concept, however, is no different from the bodys production of carbon monoxide.

Formaldehyde is known to cause increased sympathetic activity. If left uncorrected, this sequence can result in the vicious downward spiral of increased sympathetic activity.


In the simplest expression of muscle contraction, the motor unit is regulated by a nerve that depends on Acetylcholine to fire. While this nerve function is not a part of the ANS, it nevertheless is potentially subject to the same metabolic dysregulation. Thus, excess formaldehyde production in muscles could increase sympathetic activity, reduce blood flow, reduce proper utilization of glucose for muscle energy and cause increased lactic acid production. The result would be increased insulin production, increased fat deposition, lower blood sugar, and so on. This would form the basis for the insulin resistance or metabolic syndrome precursor to diabetes.'

i WAS FINE until i was interferred with by antibitics and NSAID

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I'm with you on this Keenly. I've been over-prescribed antibiotics and NSAID's. I've been tested for EVERYTHING, but am always negative. But I have classic CFS symptoms. I've been addressing the yeast issue since about Oct. and have gained some useful physical energy, but mental function still drops off very easily and I'm still quite sick. The problem is how to irradicate the yeast? There are dozens of protocols on the net, some of which completely contradict each other, (raw vs. cooked, buckwheat and quinoa OK vs. not OK). How do you know what to do?


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i took Nystatin for 1-2 mths (for candida) but it didnt help (i didnt try a yeast, sugar free diet thou). I also got rid of the strep and staph bacteria i was carrying, that didnt really improve things much either, Im not sure if it made any difference at all.

Seems there are sooo many different things involved in this illness


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Just did a candida diet and cleanse and antifungal for 3 months. No change whatsoever. Along with a parasite and heavy metal detox. Still nothing.


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The biofilm thing keeps popping in my mind and i am going to try something, but haven't decided how and with what yet.