Has anyone else been diagnosed with adult-onset growth hormone deficiency?


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Have you seen an endocrinologist about this matter? When/if you do, please take someone else along as they can make notes while you get a bit lost in what is being explained to you.

What are your symptoms? I hope they're not contributing to your exhaustion. Feel better....Yours, Lenora.
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I was just diagnosed with severe growth hormone deficiency and am wondering if anyone else has it. I'm feeling overwhelmed and lost.
Do you know that human growth hormone (HGH) deficiency can produce near identical symptoms to ME/CFS? So if you have severe HGH deficiency, all your symptom may be due to that, and that means you may not have ME/CFS at all.

That would be is very good news, because HGH deficiency symptoms clear up in a matter of days of starting growth hormone injections. HGH deficiency is a very treatable condition. Whereas if you have ME/CFS, it's very hard to find any treatments which improve this. So it would be much better to have HGH deficiency than ME/CFS.

Has you doctor arranged an appointment with an endocrinologist, because HGH deficiency is usually treated with HGH injections? I believe these injections you would give yourself at home.

We had one person on this forum who thought she had ME/CFS for 10 years, due to a misdiagnosis. After 10 years, she discovered she in fact had HGH deficiency, not ME/CFS at all.

Once she started GH injections, she was back to near normal within days, and back to complete normal in a month. See her thread here.

The symptoms of adult HGH deficiency are listed here.