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has anyone done the PK Protocol (IV lipid replacement)


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My doctor is really urging me to do this, specifically the IV portion because of how bad my digestion is and how bad my ME is.

I can see validity to this approach and I would like to do it but I know it is very expensive. I'm wondering exactly how much though from someone who has done the full protocol. How much were the IVs and how frequently? And how much were the oral supp.s?
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I did it years ago in three rounds of about twenty four infusions with breaks in between, so overall it took about a year. It was expensive but partly covered by my insurance. In my case it was suggested to improve mitochondrial function after it had not changed following several months on oral supplements (Dr M. mitos protocol).

In the end there were some changes in the Acumen tests looking at mitos function (but these tests have no real scientific basis) in terms of showing different toxins but there was no change in stamina, fatigue, insomnia and all other symptoms some of which got worse.
The only improvement I experienced was in brain fog but that might have been because of the active B12 / methylation I was also doing.
It certainly did not help with detoxing of heavy metals which the tests never picked up whilst it might have contributed instead to mobilisation, as from then on I started to develop sensitivities, which I had never had before and which then led to MCS.
I can't see the validity of this approach and least of all how this treatment could help with digestion or ME.