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Senior Member
Hi, yes back in the late 1990s I did several courses of 5 - 7 consecutive days in a hard chamber.
My doctor also gave me 40 grams IV Vitamin C prior to each dive.

Prior to my first HBOT treatment I was caught in a cycle of repeated cerebral toxoplasmosis infection "flares" and rounds of antibiotics and steroids. FWIW I've never needed treatment since.
So my acute situation improved markedly but HBOT administered that way didn't lead to long term improvement of ME. I've wondered since whether 1 x per week over a longer duration might be a better approach for a chronic condition. :)


Senior Member
I’m definitely getting a soft chamber, trying to decide if I could find the funding to get a home hard chamber.

On that note, there needs to be a forum section for each state where you could find people in/near your city and potentially share treatments/costs like a hard chamber