Hands and foot pain


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I usually get deep throbbing and tingling in my hands and feet pre flare ..will last a day and go .
This time is continued and is uncomfortable ..it can come and go in any given day but is pretty consistent .
I take naproxen sometimes and it takes the edge off but don't want to take too much re anti inflammatory effects on stomach ( I do take omeprozole to stop burning ) .
I'm in the UK
Can people give their experience on drugs to try with effectiveness or indeed any tips / things that help re this type of pain
Many thanks


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I have that tingling all the time.

I get a swollen brain feeling too so take Ginkgo for that and realized later after I've taken a dose (which for me is just a pinch) that it's helped with the tingling in my hands and feet as well as my Tinnitus, oddly enough.

I've started to wonder if the Tinnitus is just a neuropathy we get in our ears.

Of course, it wears off quickly and I forget to take it again until the next time I need to take it for that swollen brain feeling. :_
Have you seen any doctor for this? One of my brothers had this GB syndrome that had a feet and toe tingling sensation for a few weeks after which he got partially paralysed. He’s ok now. But get yourself a doctor immediately rather than treating it by yourself.