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Gut mycoplasma


Senior Member
According to uBiome testing I have mycoplasma in my gut. When low in zinc in August I got the same symptoms I had when I had a mycoplasma airway infection 1994: Extreme fatigue. My gut has been a mess (candida since November, yellow stools and allergies since February). I took doxycycline recently and all my gut issues cleared within a few days. Amazing! Even histamin issues. Stopped a few days ago and now it's coming back with a vengance. I probably took a too low dosage for a too short period, ramping up from 25 mgs to 200 mgs (and missed a few days) over two weeks.

I'm waiting for answers from KDM testing but that will take a few months. Might get zadaxin before that.

Any experiences with this and/or treatment ideas? Any herbals or other methods to keep it down when not taking doxy? Zinc helps. Does carbs make it worse?

The most unusual bacteria in my gut according to uBiome:

Bacteria name Rank % of Samples
Aquabacterium Genus 0.2%
Mycoplasma Genus 0.3%
Mycoplasmataceae Family 0.7%
Mycoplasmatales Order 0.8%
Sneathia Genus 1.2%
Cellulosilyticum Genus 1.2%
Leptotrichiaceae Family 2.6%
Gardnerella Genus 2.9%
Succiniclasticum Genus 3.6%
Christensenella Genus 4.2%


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Thanks! "Multiple six week cycles" of antibiotics. That explains why two weeks didn't work.

Btw I have much more energy lately (more than double) and I suspect that is either due to the infection raising cortisol and/or lower immunity due to other reasons. If I get rid of mycoplasma I guess I'll be bedbound again. :cry:


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According to uBiome testing I have mycoplasma in my gut.

Mycoplasma is a normal gut constituent, so not necessarily a problem. uBiome should give you a comparison figure for your result compared with the total population.

Possibly if you have a lot of it this could increase the chances of it escaping the gut and causing trouble elsewhere.


Moderator Resource
Southern California
@Ninan - my sister's elderly mother-in-law had some very longstanding gut issues, primary symptom was diarrhea. The doctors (regular MDs, no integrative doctor) did the standard tests (no uBiome) and colonoscopy and tried various things and nothing helped.

Then my sister took her to my chiropractor who does muscle testing and he found a gut mycoplasma infection and gave her Hyssinol (https://www.naturalhealthyconcepts....number=27141&gclid=CKPUgISKlc8CFQZufgod4tIHrA) and within several days she started to improve. She took 3 a day.

I ordered something from this company before and they were fine ---