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Gut Microbiome Can Alter Medications ….from converting medicine into an inactive state to changing it into a toxin, potentially causing side effects


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Ah, but I meant it is something to direct the doctor to, as a research paper. Even having one scientifically proven example for why drugs don't work the same for everyone means that you can say: "It doesn't work for me, and not all drugs work for all patients, so just mark this one down as 'doesn't work'." It gives the patient a bit more confidence in refusing the doctor's insistence that it will work. It's just another tool you can use in dealing with your doctor. Maybe it won't work, but maybe, sometime, it will.

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Second star to the right ...
This is something else to bring up with doctors who prescribe a drug and then blame the patient for it not working 'the way it's supposed to'.
Excellent, excellent point, and I'm deeply embarrassed that it didnt occur to me :oops: :redface::redface:.... in my defense, been doing a bit of fighting the slide recently ....

Yeah. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it :rolleyes:....