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Gulf War soldier takes on Ministry of Defence over vaccines - UK - BBC News


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England (south coast)
Gulf War soldier takes on MoD over vaccines
BBC News
3 May 2014


A soldier has won legal aid in his fight to find out what the Ministry of Defence knew of the health risks of the vaccinations given to troops ahead of the first Gulf War.

The whole article is interesting, but this snippet caught my eye as especially significant:
A number of previously confidential documents have over the years been released into the public domain. One from the National Institute for Biological Standards and Control - written in December 1990 - warned of possible dangers of combining some of the vaccines.

"When each of the two vaccines were tested alone they were not associated with an unusual degree of toxicity. However, when combined there was evidence of severe loss of condition (or a deterioration of general visible health) and weight loss in animals," said the letter.


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Mr Izett was subsequently diagnosed with auto-immune induced osteoporosis, aged only 25.

mmmm, both auto-immune markers and osteoporosis rates are sky high in adults with 'neurodevelopmental disabilities' ...