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Good Youtube etc videos with research doctors on MCS and or CFS


Senior Member
Once a while ago I stumbled on a very indepth very scientific research based channel for CFS, where it really gets into the weeds on mechanism, causes.

I was hoping to find it again since I lost it, and hopefully even more so MCS.

I have heavy mercury poisoning and can't tolerate chelation currently. Dealing with MCS without doing any quote on quote detox is pretty dead end. In a lot of ways I think this comes from me not really understanding what the mechanism of MCS are, it clearly being so hyper complicated, or even why CFS people get it so much.

I felt better in the desert, like many.

I wish I knew if any long covid people had MCS and had taken maravorac, since it has these strange positive effects on other environmental illnesses including lymes.

I think long covid overlaps with many env illnesses in its mechanisms of immune dysregulation. But it's not very clear why there are those similarities.

I had a really good month with black cumin oil, sort of loosely related to maravorac, but I guess I developed a tolerance.