Good biomarkers to rule out any other causes?

male 21.

I've tested:
adrenals(only cortisol so far)
nutritional status so things like b12,iron,d3,zinc,copper,homocysteine
inflammation: CRP and basic blood morphology
kidneys: urea, creatine GFR
liver: ALT,albumin
blood sugar /diabetes : Hb1ac ,fasting glucose


insomnia characterized by random waking up/not enough sleep and when I sleep 6/7h it's unrefreshing.

Slow gastric emptying

slow /hard heartbeats - sinus bradycardia type of symptoms but not confirmed yet. this also causes headaches, slight confusion, and difficulty breathing.

floating stools and poorly digested food matter(even non-fiber foods)

very weak mentally as well as physically so the best I can do I go for a walk with breaks, I lay in bed a lot and stay at home most of the days in the week.

depression ( most likely as a result of symptoms but the source of those issues may also play a role in my depression).

calf twitching especially after I got for a walk.

weird chemical breath after I do some movement like go for walk and walk indoors, I notice it.