Glucuronamide and HIV


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Sorry, I know this study isn't new, but the use of Glucuronamide is new to me, and I found nothing on this product elsewhere on PR...

C.5. Usefulness of Glucuronamide to HIV / AIDS Patients
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* Centre Médical Europe 44 rue d'Amsterdam 75009 Paris
** Association "Positifs" BP 230 75865 Paris Cedex 18 (France)
*** CNRS URA 343 Unversité Paris 7, 2 place Jussieu, 75251 Paris cedex 05.

To test the efficiency of glucuronamide on HIV / AIDS patients.

  • Open trial (1993-1996) including 23 to 35 patients.
  • Analysis of the results performed in January 96 patients. and reactualized in June 96.
  • Posology: 400 mg of glucuronamide associated to 500mg Vit.C and 50mg caffein

  • Stabilization or improvement of the clinical state for all patients.
  • No opportunistic infection.
  • Analysis of the biological parameters (January 1996): 23 patients (16 stage II, 6 stage IVC1, 1 stage IVD).

Trial duration: 11.3 +/- 7.5 months.
Responders: 100% of the patients.

(cf table in the link at the top)

Consequences of stopping glucuronamide: decrease of CD4 for 7 out of the 7 patients who stopped glucuronamide therapy (for 3 to 15 months): -52.6% (cell per mm3) and -36% (in %). When the treatment is taken again after interruption, the improvement of the imune parameters are no more systematic, and when it occurs, their increase is slower with time.
  • Analysis of the CD4 variations (June 1996) : 35 patients (28 stage II, 6 stage IVC1, 1 stage D)
(cf table at the top)

Glucuronamide is a very efficient agent in HIV+ patients, which can be used early in infection, due to its total absence of toxicity, but can't be stopped. For long term use of glucuronamide, the clinical benefit persits (absence of OI) for all patients. Concerning the CD4 counts, the benefit is maintained for the major part of the patients. Additionnal clinical trials at different posologies, possibly associated with other therapies, would be of great interest. The low cost and the efficiency of this therapy (some US cents a day) makes this therapeutical approach an interesting choice for the third world.
This work should have important financial consequences for Akzo-Nobel, the only glucuronamide producer for the moment (molecule no more covered by a patent). This industrial group has not provided any financial help to association "Positifs" which has discovered this new therapeutic approach of glucuronamide.
Association "Positifs" searches pharmaceutic groups to sell the licence of its american patent on glucuronamide.


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update on my trial with Glucuronamide (+ cafeine)...:whistle:

I took 1200 mg twice a day for one day... (6 tablets, yes it's a big dose)

I was great on that day! But the other day was a nightmare, worse in the evening than in the morning, with all my symptoms coming back, from the headache to the muscle aches, weakness, heavyness, etc...:aghhh:

In the body, glucuronamide is metabolized to glucuronic acid, which inactivates many coumpounds and also thyroid hormons...
So it may be possible that the big amount I took the first day may has produced a positive effect at first, but that the inactivating effect on TH (induced later ) was a dead sentence to me...

I recommand any who is willing to take it to be very careful!o_O

Let's hope I will be better tomorrow!:eek::ill:
I have suffered from fibromyalgia since childhood and ibs from about the age if 30 and ME from 42. I am now 70. I have had long periods of being relatively ok but after every bout of stress I go down again. That happened again this year and after some months it was so bad that I thought I was dying, so I reluctantly went to see a doctor. He prescribed Guronsan and I already felt much better the next day. Over three weeks my pains are 90% less, I have energy yet I feel calm and able to cope and my microbiome definitely feels more balanced. I have completed the course and have to report back to the doctor, so don't know if I will have to continue taking it.
There is no info anywhere on glucuronamide to help me understand how it helped me. I hope my experience helps someone else looking for info.