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Getting Results, increased activity


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-Anabuse started at 125mg 2x a week, (monday, thursday) found that you need to take 100mg alpha lipoic acid in the next two mornings to detox the med or severe herx after. This noticeably increased my activity levels. Its for lyme/babesia persistor cells.
Worked up two 250mg 2x a week for four months (and the alpha lipoic acid detoxes afterward)

-redid bartonella treatment with higher dosage meds, clarithromyacin, rifampin, and minocin. Methylene Blue causes a big brain herx and symptom increase in the short term (start low and slow seriously), kills Bartonella persistor cells supposedly. I can believe it. Huge herx.

- Antiparasite med, Trio.

Some days I feel like an actual person now. Its nice. I have some other things Im trying out.