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George Davey Smith blogs about the UK "Grand Challenge" for ME/CFS


Fine, thank you
AfME said:
This month our Chief Executive Sonya Chowdhury invites Prof George Davey Smith to blog about the Grand Challenge, a new project launched at last year’s UK CFS/M.E. Research Collaborative (CMRC) conference.

Prof Davey Smith is from the Medical Research Council (MRC) Integrative Epidemiology Unit at the University of Bristol, and gave a lecture at the 2015 CMRC conference about some different approaches to researching illnesses with unknown causes.

“The Grand Challenge is a very high-level science-led endeavour, and we’re delighted that Prof Davey Smith has been so keen to get involved,” says Sonya “In this guest blog, for which he was interviewed by Action for M.E. Volunteer Pharmacist Emily Beardall, Prof Davey Smith explains a bit about the benefits of undertaking large scale studies, as well as exploring the sorts of unanswered questions about M.E. that the Grand Challenge may be able to get to the bottom of.”

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