Gene mutations and Folate/B vitamin high

Hi there,

I recently got my 23andme gene results back. Which showed several double mutations for b vitamin folate and vitamin d issues. The two double mutations were MTHFR C677T AA and MTR A2756G GG with single on VDR Taq VDR Bsm and MTRR A66G AG. So I decided to supplement with some high strength vitamins b12, b6 and folate. However after a few days of taking these I started to get quite "high" with a sort of anxious energy, much like taking a stimulant like siberian ginseng. However after 4 days of this I started to experience deep muscle fatigue and dizziness/disorientation at worse levels than previous. I've obviously discontinued them but I am wondering whether taking them once a week would be better?

Has anyone had any luck taking these high strengths once a week? and has anyone experience the high as well from these 3 supplements? I'm interested because I want to pin point where the high is coming from as it's giving me restless legs (for lack of a better description) which is only making the fatigue worse and disturbing my sleep badly (more than it was previously).

I started taking
B12 Methylcobalamin 1000ug
b6 pyridoxine 100mg
l-methylfolate 1000mcg

Also has anyone experienced benefits taking the folate on its own without the b vitamins? It seems obvious to me now that if you take these 3 down regulation occurs in the brain when you come off them due to to serotonin and dopamine levels being thrown out of whack. I know a crash with these is very unpleasant.

Thanks in advance!