Gene analysis


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My dr want me to do a Genanalysis, he did not say what he thinks I have, he just said it would make sense if I had a metabolic disease on top of ME that was always there but never discovered bec it is not always full blown in all people.
I know ME is not a genetic illness.
so my question is,
if you were me, which diseases should be looked for ? I have a feeling that it could help them when I come up wirh some ideas. @Zebra you told me once bec of my low amino acids in blood, even though i eat plenty of protein sources, it could be someting metabolic, do you (or anyone) have any specific ideas ?


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Hi, @Pearshaped

I'm happy to think on this and share what I remember from my own experience and genetic work up, which took place in 2016 & 2017.

Would you please post a link to the amino acids discussion? That would help prompt my memory. Thanks!