Full bupa health check


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Hi everyone,

I'm thinking of paying to have a complete BUPA health check 500+. Does anyone else have these on a fairly regular basis?

My husband has had one today and the amount of info he has come back with would make you all jelous! Everything possible was tested and he has got an extensive print out to keep for comparison next time he has one.

Because i'm not seeing my consultant anymore, i thought this could be a good way of keeping tabs on anything changing in me as far as blood tests go etc. The only thing i'm slightly concerned about is the exercise test on a bike, but even that i thought would be very interesting to see the results.
I don't have any tests for myself except a brain scan, loads for the children, but prof findley kept all my results, suppose he thought i'd be going back forever at huge expense.
I just worry about our increased risk of cancer plus we all tend to put all our symptoms down to me/cfs when it could be something else that would get missed with us until possibly to late.


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Hi Coxy

I was looking around for diagnostic criteria having read the about the discrepancies between the recent XMRV studies, and came across your request.

First, i'd like to try to answer your question about BUPA. After starting with ME some 19 years ago, I was lucky, once I'd part-recovered from the very severe initial illness, that I could carry on working for a time (some may say I don't have ME then, and I'd be happy to discuss that). Anyway, through my work I got a bi-annual BUPA check. Everything came out normal as I expected, as all my other tests had.

I don't think you will find out the things you need to find out, eg. whether you have XMRV infection. I would save your money and trust your instincts. Do the usual personal checks and see a doc if something doesn't seem right.

I hope this helps.