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From VIP Dx Jan 11

Wild Wild West, US
Announcement: January 11, 2010

Effective immediately VIP Dx will offer XMRV testing by virus culture only. Our improved culture method eliminates the need for additional testing and provides the most accurate diagnostic available with greater sensitivity.

This new technology allows us to offer the XMRV test at a reduced price of $450.

Marguerite Ross, Director

Marketing & Client Relations

VIP Dx / RedLabs

5625 Fox Ave - Rm 369

Reno, NV 89506


Fax: 775-682-8517


Patient in training
Just sent my blood yesterday- just an hour after I heard the news. Glad there is more sensitive testing- I wonder if testing will take same amount of time or ???- of course, it's a culture- cultures take time.

I hope this will allow more people that want to get tested to go ahead.
Wild Wild West, US
My blood was sent on Monday, but the lab didn't send the requisition with it. Luckily I contacted VIP just to make sure everything got there OK and they let me know and I was able to sign the form and fax it back to them today. That's when I found out the test was going to be less expensive. Small blessing.

I hope that everyone will get tested. It's one way to support WPI if you wouldn't be able to do it otherwise.

Now I'm waiting to see if my hopes will be dashed. I asked her a number of times how long it would take to get the results and she didn't answer me.


I'm still not convinced the "improved culture method" is new, or different, at all. They may have only removed the PCR aspect of the test protocol. I have been told this is true via a friend, still waiting for response to my email asking that question of VIP directly. No big thing if it is the old test because it was a good test. But clarification is needed for those questioning tests performed before this news.


Cost of VIPdx Virus Culture test

Ive been waiting for VIPdx website to come up and it did, last night. I called them this morning. The only test being offered right now is the virus culture test, price $450 (which they dont post), they do not bank your blood, so if you want to do the antibody test, which should be out this spring, you would have to do another draw. Do your blood draw on Tues or Thurs and the lab should send it to fed ex for you. (PCR testing is not offered now....too difficult to detect XMRV, I guess)

Im hesitant to take the Culture test, cuz of cost and it's not fully reliable. But it's hard to wait for the Antibody (serology) test. Wait, wait. Id really like to know if I have XMRV! What to do

Also, I see that Cooperative Diagnostics is STILL selling their PCR test! I was negative with that, as most people were. Too bad they are soliciting it still, cuz people are probably still buying it.