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Free Book Event for "The Puzzle Solver" on February 12!


Moose Enthusiast

Hi all,

I just wanted to let you know about this free event coming up in a little less than two weeks. We'll hear from Author Tracie White, Dr. Ron Davis, and @Janet Dafoe during this event for 'The Puzzle Solver,' which will be moderated by Rivka Solomon and hosted by bookstore owner Kathy Detwiler.

Here is the link where you can learn more, register, and purchase your copy of the book if you haven't already done so: https://www.buttonwoodbooksandtoys.com/events/white-davis-the-puzzle-solver

The owner of the bookstore hosting this event is the parent of a child with ME/CFS, and she is generously donating 20% of sales from 'The Puzzle Solver' to the OMF.

I hope to see you there! And please spread the word if you think anyone you know might be interested!