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folate quandary, nicotinic acid, and other b vitamins

London, UK
As with all my questions, I'm presuming this has been asked before. I apologize if I'm clogging up the forum with unnecessary threads; hopefully when I'm less anxious and panicky I'll be better equipped to go researching properly rather than ask an oft-repeated question.

Also like my other questions, it concerns SNPs. If you need folate - for example if you have either or both of the MTHFR mutations - yet you also have the SNPs for which you are meant to limit methyl groups/donors, what do you do? Is there a safer, but no less effective, form of it in which the methyl burden isn't as strong? Do you deal with the methyl burden by taking nicotinic acid? But if so, what form (NAD? NADH? Nicotinamide? Niacinamide?), dosage, and wouldn't this mitigate the effects of the folate? (Sorry, I'm a bit dense!)

Is it correct that additional intake of b1, b2 and b3 necessitates additional folate? I am taking 200% RDA of the first two, and 100% RDA of NADH, daily. I'm also taking 150% RDA b6, and until yesterday was taking high doses of of hydroxyb12 and adenosylb12, but have stopped for the time being. So, if both of these things put a double emphasis on the need for folate, is there something that can he done?

Many thanks in advance :).


PR activist
You are going to have to do trial and error on the folate. Start low and slow, say 200mcg, and slowly increase the dose every 3-4 days or so.


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Thanks @adreno

Can no-one offer any input on my questions? I'm sorry if my social skills are off; I really don't mean to be a pest.

Read Caledonia's links about going low and slow. We have to find out ourselves what our systems can cope with. Some can only take hydroxyb12 and folinic acid.