FMT’s and Super Donors


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This is sort of a long shot so I may just leave this thought for some people to think on.

ME/CFS is a fucking horrible, horrible disease with very low treatment success rates as well know. FMT’s, however, have been the most successful thing that I’ve seen hands down with decent success rates in studies and good anecdotal evidence I’ve found as well.

Finding a super donor is likely pivotal in the success and right now is essentially impossible through testing and only works through practice.

This may be a very lofty goal but I think it would be cool if we were able to, as a community, try to compile information and locate super donors for treatment. This would essentially involve trial and error so if one person found someone that worked then another person would have to travel to that area and try. If it worked again then things continue.

At this point I’d give an amount of money I possess to fix this so the person could be compensated. It would take a lot of effort but in terms of putting hope into wild bets - I think this is the best one.


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The problem is that there might not be such a thing as a superdonor. One donor might be a superb match for one patient, but do nothing worthwhile for a different patient. We all have different microbiomes and gut genetics (and epigenetics), so we probably have different "perfect microbiome goals" rather than there being one set of microbes that fits all, or even one microbe strain that is good for all.

You might have better luck trying a dozen ordinary donors than spending lots of time and money trying to find an *Olympic Gold Champion!* donor.