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Flu Season is here. Post influenza pacing changed due to reduced energy.


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Two weeks ago I came down with the flu. That’s two weeks in bed and on the couch. Now I’m on a reduced pacing schedule (able to do less with brutal fatigue).

Is this flu season going to be a bad for people with ME/CFS?
The flu in our house and neighborhood is spreading quickly this year. Since I became sick two weeks ago, I know of two dozen people who have also become sick. Even my mother, father, and husband who had the flu shot this year got hit. My husband bounced back in a few days. Two of our children are just reporting sore throats. Hopefully, it’s nothing.

For us with ME/CFS, influenza can make us weaker (cause the fatigue to get worse) requiring us to change our pacing to match the energy available. That’s the case with me at the moment. After two weeks of bed rest, I now put in half a load of laundry and then rest. Lots of resting right now in between doing anything. The pacing that worked for me three weeks ago needed to be changed to what works for me today.

I no longer have the flu, but I am whiped. My mother is also down over two weeks now.

Flu in the United States
We are at the beginning of flu season this year. If you click on the CDC flu link below and page down to the map, I live in one of the high flu states on the CDC’s current map.

Viruses and the mitochondria

For those who read my chapter on viruses (impact on mitochondria), you’ll know that for those of us (my unusual family) with known mitochondrial issues, viruses can weaken us even further. Many people with mitochondrial issues don’t even know they are running at a disadvantage until hit with something like Epstein Barr, etc…

“Damage From Viruses” is a short sub-section of Chapter 27 and worth reading for anyone who gets hit like us (down for weeks or months following recovery from flu). If anyone still didn’t get a free copy, please let me know and I’ll make it free for another day on Amazon.

For those of us who know what it’s like to have debilitating fatigue following a viral infection, what are we to do? Flu shots, pneumonia shots (every five years), lots of liquids, wash hands, eat well, try not to infect family members and especially try not to be hard on yourself when you need to change your pacing (do less).

I’m hoping this isn’t a bad flu year. But right now it’s hit my family, neighbors and friends strongly. Especially, those of us who are prone to post-infective viral fatigue. Stay well!


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Four things that have been very helpful for us when we feel ourselves coming down with the flu is thymus glandular--we use Swanson's and mix the opened capsule with vitamin c powder (ascorbic acid) then gargle this mixture with water before swallowing (Tastes bad; like powdered liver) but helps so much especially with the swollen throat glands. It starts to numb the throat tissues right away and usually after just one or two doses of this the sore throat is gone and by the next day we start to feel better. (Doses should be spaced apart by about 4 hours at least.)

Also raw garlic but it has to be raw and I prefer organic. Using a blender, you can mix some in water and take a spoon or dropper full of the mixture on a regular schedule through the day like medicine. Just remember to refrigerate the mixture in between doses and make up a fresh batch each day. Don't drink the whole amount at once though. I did that once and the next day my stomach was very upset.

And fresh or fresh frozen (not canned) pineapple. This is great in smoothies with frozen bananas, blueberries and almond milk. I think this works so well because I've heard that the enzymes from the pineapple help clear the old dead cells out in your throat so the body can regenerate healthy ones faster. (Canning kills those helpful enzymes.)
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