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Fixing CBS leads to higher homocystein and lower B12?

Hi everybody,

I got tested in March and I had all the signs of a CBS upregulation (not from a mutation, but probably upregulated from the oxidative stress from my dysbiosis and CFS-like postdrug condition).

I had: high taurine, high ammonia, high B6, low homocystein (5.8), elevated liver enzymes, and a diagnosed H2S producing bacterial overgrowth.

In April I started a low sulfur diet, along with ornithine and molybdenum. My symptoms got better, especially the sound sensitivity (likely through lowering excitotoxicity on NMDA receptors). I also treated my mild H-pylori infection with 10 days of mastic gum, which cured my post-exercice anxiety and got me back in the gym (likely through lowering histamine, as Hpylori produces it).

I got some bloodtests last week, and they showed the following:
- Homocystein went up (from 6.18 umol/L to 9.13)
- B12 went down (from 351pmol/L to 181)
- Folic acid went down (from 35nmol/L to 22)
- Ammonia went down (from 57umol/L to 32)
- This is huge, as I'm now in range (the upper range is 35)

My question
Considering the ammonia has gone down and homocystein has gone up, does this mean that I am relieving pressure off the CBS pathway, and thus the homocystein rises since it's not getting drained in the CBS? So in other words, this could be good news, since it means I'm managing the CBS?

And for the low B12, it's just a consequence of the homocysteine rising? So in other words, fixing the CBS could temporarly create a B12 deficiency , before the resulting high homocystein is adressed?

My methylmalonic acid was low in April, so I'm not worried about being deficient for a long time, but I'd like to stay on top of it.

If anybody could help I would appreciate it a lot. Hope everyone has a great day