First Visit To Doctor Since XMRV News


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Near St Louis, MO
I had my annual physical today, which meant seeing the doctor for the first time since the XMRV news broke in October.

I did ask if he had heard/read about this novel retrovirus and he said he had, that he has a patient who had requested to be tested and that he had agreed, but that this patient's results came back negative. We talked for a few minutes, in which I told him that I was in no hurry for a test. He concurred, saying that the test is too new, not sufficiently refined and that even if I turned out to be XMRV positive, they don't yet know for sure what this means or what to do for us. I said I thought that some of the more severely affected patients might go on antiretroviral trials, at which he nodded. I then added that since I am still moderately mobile and since symptoms are controllable, even if I was positive, I wouldn't be in a hurry to try any new meds until and unless they are proven.

All in all, a good discussion, I think. My doctor and I are on the same page. He is clearly aware of current CFS research (I love my doctor) but has always had a cautious approach to everything - not only CFS - in a clear desire to adhere to the "first do no harm" doctrine.

Other than that, he ran bloods for B12, thyroid and ferritin (I asked for the latter as my derm found it to be very low, a year ago), gave me a steroid shot into my shoulder for what appears to be an impingement, checked my meds and told me he will do another bone density when my next mammogram is due.

Finally, I told him about this forum and he said he would recommend it to his other CFS patient. :D
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It is so good to hear of another patient on good terms with their doctor. He sounds like a sensible chap. Great that he would recommend 'us' to his other patients. Thnx Martlet.