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First HBOTherapy and I feel way worse... should I keep trying it?

I had my first HBOT today.

I came home and slept for 2 hours, a weird light sleep that didn't really feel like sleep, but I couldn't get up and out of it either.

Since then I can barely move or function. Going up my stairs is a night mare, like in a really bad crash.

Could this just be a release of toxins like a Herx reaction or something? Has anyone else had this kind of reaction to HBOT?

Should I try it again or stop? I could use your advice guys! Thanks!


Senior Member
Sorry to hear about your reaction, @Tiffyshea.
Could this just be a release of toxins like a Herx reaction or something?

No; HBOT doesn't work like that.
Has anyone else had this kind of reaction to HBOT?

I had a number of HBOT treatments, but none of them gave me that reaction.
Should I try it again or stop?

I obviously can't give you medical advice, but if I had that reaction to HBOT, I would not continue it. I don't know what caused your reaction, but it doesn't sound good to me, and I wouldn't want to take chances.


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South East England, UK
I had just one session and it was horrendous. As the pressure was building I started to feel dizzy and then panicky and somehow got through it but instead of being relaxing it was the very opposite and was one of the most stressful experiences I have experienced in 20 years.

It left me feeling shaky although I could feel the benefit of the oxygen for about a day. After that I purchased another oxygen concentrator called EveryFlo and use that three times daily after eating and after walking my dog. I have had an oxygen concentrator for about 7 years now which gives me 5 litres per minute and its a huge help as long as I am on my normal dose of steroid and thyroid medication. Whenever I haven't been able to tolerate them (like last winter after several viruses gave me severe POTS for a couple of months) then I didn't get as much benefit so everything needs to be on board to notice a real difference in my ability to do some physical exercise and even get a sense of wellbeing.

I do have several very negative SNPs which will affect the brain' sensitivity to stimuli so that might explains my reaction. Normally I am a fairly chilled person so my reaction was very unexpected.