Finally figured out why I improved last spring! GSE!


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I had been on several things, and had lots of rest due to losing my job, but couldn’t pin my improvements on anything specific. Until now.

As stated, I lost my job, so was staying home, and reclined most of the time. I’ve been using cumin off and on for several years, but with only short term benefits. I also re started low dose naltrexone, but stayed at the .05 mg dose, so ultra low dose naltrexone. I also did a trial, of liver, kidney, and thymus pills. And last, I did a trial of grapefruit seed oil.

During the spring, I noticed I wasn’t sick any more, and when I was, it wasn’t bad. I had been starting to pack to move, and getting piles to go to thrift. My daughter & fiancé showed up for a week and helped empty stuff that needed to go. I wasn’t crashing hard, even with sitting and going through boxes all day! I would still crash in ways, but I did not get the PEM sickness.

Then I got hired on a temp contract, and went back to working full time in an office. And slowly started going backwards and found myself quite sick again. I stopped to think through what had changed besides working, and realized I had quit taking my grapefruit seed oil. So I started taking it again, and a week later noticed I wasn’t very sick again!

So it’s grapefruit seed oil that has drastically improved my PEM!

This one specifically, as it is easy to confuse with grape seed oil.

I still take cumin at times (weekly at least), the liver kidney and thymus do help my MCAS, but not my energy. Well, the Ancestral Supplements brand, not the Codeage brand that my cat refused to eat. And the ULDN. I am no where near on my way to being cured, still have lung and muscle issues, but it is DELICIOUS not being so incredibly sick!

While the help from GSE was very gradual when I started (over several months before noticing anything), it was rapid after re starting. I do still have a sore throat, but it’s minimal and probably more from not having a clean MCAS diet and life. I am around fragrances and cleaning chemicals daily due to covid sanitation. But so much better than what I lived with for two and a half decades!

I also intend to add other natural anti viral, like oregano and thyme, etc. I welcome any suggestions.

I know I’ve heard of it helping several others here, but can’t remember who to tag. I’d love to hear other stories where GSE helped.


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As @Hip pointed out, there was a big debacle about GSE products containing benzethonium chloride and other industrial preservatives around 15-20 years ago. Manufacturers claimed a benzethonium chloride like substance came from the manufacturing process and that it was never added, but some other sources are skeptical to this claim.

Anyway, It looks like that debacle caught the manufacturers and caused GSE products a bad reputation. I skimmed through a bunch of Amazon reviews for the linked and other GSE products and it seems every big GSE manufacturer have gone through extra testing and processes to make sure their products don't contain any preservatives (or at least they claim so). With that said, it seems that the antimicrobial and antifungal properties of GSE were widely attributed to those "preservatives" and some of the reviewers have pointed out they notice less benefits from newer GSE products.

So the good news is that if you buy GSE today from a major manufacturer, it is unlikely to contain any of those potentially harmful substances. The flip side is that without those chemicals, it is also unlikely that GSE has any kind of meaningful antimicrobial effects. It doesn't rule out that improvement @Strawberry noticed came from some other effect of GSE, just like with cumin, which several people have reported improvement from.

I'll start a short trial on GSE and comment back if I notice any positive effects.


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Always looking for more things to beat back bugs.

Doesn't GSE do something to the gut lining or does it increase or decrease bioavailability or nutritional value of food? Or cause the gut lining to become more permeable? Can anyone remember? I did several searches and I cannot find anything.

I checked and there are literally hundreds of positive and negative effects of using grape seed extract on gut microbiota which I honestly don't have the time to go through ha!

I'll add it to my experiment list.


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How are you taking this @Strawberry ? I have the same one at home as I bought it to use as a preservative in homemade xylitol nasal spray.

Are you adding drops to water and drinking it as per the instructions or using it in a spray? Thanks!