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Filgotinib KDM


Senior Member
google is your friend
there are trials on patients with with rheumatism and Crohn with this medicine.

I don't know about the Meirleir. The only thing I can find about it are comments in financial forums, speculating about the financial gain that can be had from it. Especially when it would be useful for patients with ME/CFS " the market would be enormous then" .....

in that same forum I read that someone writes that he had heard the the Meirleir would try it on his patients. I cannot find anything else when googling dutch/belgian language.



Senior Member
@Solstice do you happen to have a source for this? i tried to google it yesterday but found only one site from 2017, which estimated a 2020 release date..


Senior Member
Which doctor gave you this? And why dont you takeit anymore? Is it for dogs only?

yes apparently it is for dogs only. i dont know why.

i self prescribed it which is why i didnt keep taking it. like most things i didnt feel any better on it after a week then after the initial dose.not a long trial though